My $2800 gift to you.

Fraud warning: Maximilian and Kristina Wittlich Triebow of White Rock/Surrey, BC.

Unfortunately, I'm left with little recourse but for hoping that potential employers, landlords, or others considering any financial or business arrangements with these fraudsters will do a quick search of their names before trusting them with property, money, or any contracts.

In the Summer of 2012, I rented a short-term executive rental property to Maximilian and Kristina Wittlich Triebow for the sum of $1400 per month, all utilities included. The couple wrote two cheques for $1400 and $1400, one of which was post dated for the second month of their rental. Max contacted me at the start of their residency and asked if he could give me $700 cheques, instead. I accepted the new cheques. Funds were not ever available for any of these cheques, at the time of writing or for six months afterwards until they became stale.

By the second month of residency, I still had not been paid for their stay. They continued to use the utilities and internet provided by the rental. The property was for sale, and the realtor had contacted me multiple times to say that the property was messy and fast food cartons, toys, and other mess were on the floor during showings (showings they had agreed to, fortunately, and were aware would be happening before our verbal contract on the property rental). Eventually, Max claimed that he had sent payment through Paypal. I did not receive the payment, but because I have numerous friends who work at Paypal I asked him for the transaction ID so I could open an investigation. After another week or two, he admitted that he did not send any money, afterall. He admitted he had lied.

Fortunately, Max and Kristina moved out of the rental property during the last week of their stay. They insisted that once they sold one of their vehicles they would pay for their stay. By Christmas of 2012, I still had not received payment and I offered to take a settlement amount and payments. Kristina told me that her and Max had seperated and that she planned to make good on their defaulted $2800 payment. In January and February I contacted her again, and she ignored my repeated emails. This month (May, 2013), Kristina took herself on a fancy cruise. Must be nice.

I am out $2800. You don't have to be. If you're a potential employer or landlord considering doing business with Max or Kristina Wittlich Triebow, consider my $2800 lesson a gift to you. Do not do business with these people.

To those who are wondering why I don't take legal action--I am in Arizona and my ability to travel to Canada and deal with court is limited. Add to this the fact that I have no forwarding address for either Max or Kristina, therefore I cannot serve paperwork to them. Internet justice will have to do, now that I'm fairly sure that neither person has any intent to make good on their contract. I might as well get my $2800 worth of justice here on the web, instead.

If you have any questions about the authenticity of this, please feel free to contact me at duckee at a s u dot e d u.

Some details about the Wittlich Triebows:
Kristina is a pastry chef operating in White Rock/Surrey.
Max is an entrepreneur.
They both have profiles.
They own the following domains:
They may be affiliated with:
They are German-Swiss.
They moved to Canada in 2011.
They have three children, N***, E***, and F***--the three reasons we didn't immediately evict.